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AES40DL 4 Tonne Wheel Aligner Double Scissor Lift

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The AES40DL wheel aligner scissor lift is the most effective method of wheel aligning. This 4 tonne hoist is designed for narrow spaces. It lifts to 1.8 mts and its double scissor lift allows the mechanic to carry out under-vehicle maintenance while the vehicle is elevated. It is electro-hydraulically operated, low to the ground and perfect for cars, utes, and light commercial vehicles.


· 4 Tonne ultra thin max scissor lifts are designed for use in compact spaces, they are perfect for vehicle servicing and repairs. They are versatile enough to be mounted either on-ground or in-ground
· Four hydraulic design and differential hydraulic are accurately synchronised
· Self mechanical locking ensures a low noise and safe work environment with its pneumatic unlock system
· The alignment of the scissors can be adjusted to guarantee a precision
alignment to within 1mm

· The tension safety control is a low 24V
· Fitted with a 2 tonne moveable rolling jack
· Built in motor overload protection
· Emergency manual lowering pump
· Optional turntables and jacking beams (secondary lifts)

· Optional safety photocell for measuring platform synchronisation

CE certified