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Brake Lathe - including Adaptor Kit for Large Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles AEBL9372

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Product Features

1. Work Light

Keep your work lit even in low light

2. Perfect Finish

The finish meets and exceeds all OEM specifications

3. High Efficiency

A convenient design allows for a quick change from rotor to drum

4. Safe Work Area

A chip bin can keep your area clean and safe

5. Low Tool Board

A low board for placing your much needed adaptors

6. Heavy Work Bench

The heavy work bench can reduce vibration and chatter to ensure a smooth finish

7. Single Pass

Positive rate tooling for optimum finish with a single pass

8. Stop Switch

Two automatic shut-off switches makes the motor of the rotor and drum automatically stop after finishing

9. Variable Speed

Variable spindle speed and cross feed speed help to provide a perfect finish

10. Safe Convenience

Just through a switch can change the cutting conversion from rotor to drum

11. Simple Convenience

The convenience of having tools and adaptors within reach in the tool tray and top board


Adaptor Kit Contents (for Large Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles)