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This vehicle brake tester decelerometer is a portable, battery-powered in-vehicle brake performance tester that measures average and maximum acceleration, stopping distance, test speed and pedal- force required to stop a vehicle. MAXI AutoStop.

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Vehicle Decelerometer

This vehicle brake tester is a portable, battery-powered in-vehicle brake performance tester that measures average and maximum acceleration, stopping distance, test speed and pedal- force required to stop a vehicle.

It evaluates brake performance in a quick reliable manner and prints an accurate test report that complies with International Standards. An efficient diagnostic and compliance tool, designed to test service and emergency brakes of heavy and slow moving vehicles, off-road vehicles and even fork lifts used in the transport and mining industries.

The unit includes data logging and download to PC via USB interface, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Optional Extra - Fleet management and reporting software

Extend the capabilities of your brake meter with this powerful vehicle database and brake test reporting software application. Specifically developed for use with brake meters,

*Longer extension available if required

4 easy testing steps with the Vehicle Brake tester-Decelerometer

STEP 1: Secure the vehicle with its strap or optional floor- mounted magnet, in a horizontal position, with the lid open and facing forward. Attach the load cell to the brake pedal to test the service brakes.

STEP 2: Turn on the meter and enter the examiner’s ID and the vehicle’s registration number. Start the test by accelerating the vehicle to the required speed.

STEP 3: Apply the brakes by pressing your foot on the load cell attached to the brake pedal, until the vehicle is stationary.

STEP 4: After the vehicle has come to a stop, the Heavy evaluates the brake performance, and displays and prints the test results.


Calculates and displays average and maximum deceleration, distance to stop, test speed and pedal-force required to stop the vehicle

Prints two original reports (one for the customer, the other for the examiner) as a permanent record of the test results, date, time, examiner’s ID number and the vehicle’s registration/VIN number

Price Competitive

Lightweight (3.0kg), compact (123x267x246mm) and portable

Robust construction that is water-resistant and petrol, chemical and acid proof

Conventional (QWERTY) keypad lay-out, with tactile membrane cover LCD display

Adjustable display control

Both metric and imperial units of measurement

Built-in integrity check

Rechargeable, sealed, acid-gel battery, with low-battery-level indicator and automatic shut-down

Calibration that is intentionally traceable through NATA

Interval of calibration as determined by the user
12 month warranty
Low-cost spare parts, accessories and consumables
Comprehensive after-sales service and assistance
Internet support hotline for diagnosis and calibration

Optional Features

Numerous user-entry hardware and software options

Optional external accelerometer for isolated driver cabins
Optional output to ISO 3412

Specifications Input

Load Cell: rated to less than ±1N, 0-1000N

Accelerometer: rated to less than ±1% over 0-1.5g Output

Display: 8-character LCD

Built-in printer (Dot Matrix)

USB interface
Bluetooth connectivity

Analysis of Test Results

Average and maximum deceleration

Test speed

Stopping distance

Time to stop

Foot pedal force

Power Source

12V, 1.9AH, sealed-lead acid rechargeable battery


Paper: maximum diameter: 48mm; width: 44.5mm (±0.5mm)

Ribbon: Epson type ERC-05

Ribbon life: equivalent to 3 paper rolls

Print speed: 1.0 line/sec

Standard Accessories

Battery charger (Australia Only)

Paper roll and spindle

Printer ribbon

USB cable

Printer cover plate assembly

Straps or optional floor-mounted magnet for case restraint

User Manual

Note: Outer appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice